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10 Facts About the Gemini Zodiac Everyone Should Know. By. Elizabeth Zeus recognized the love and set them together in the stars for eternity. Gemini is.

Newborn baby care tips in Hindi - नवजात शिशु की देखभाल (Part-1)- Dr. Surabhi Gupta

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Todays Panchang. Baby Names. Parents should bring something in gold. According to tradition, the expectant mom goes to stay at her parents' home about a month before her due date. In a sense this is a renewal of family ties.

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When the baby is born, it is customary to announce the exact time the child was born to all as the time baby is born is an indication of certain things. For example, it indicates certain initials that the baby's name must begin with, linked to signs of the Zodiac. On the sixth day the child traditionally wears new clothes for the first time as one does not prepare for this beforehand, especially not where clothes are concerned. The baby is bathed, then dressed in all new attire and the red dot is put on. Some people also name the child on the sixth day.

On the sixth day baby has a special prayer place shrine initiated and is presented to God by a female family member. Another woman must fulfill this duty as the mother is bleeding. The family member asks the goddess Vidhata to prepare a beautiful life for the baby. Vidhata is believed to write your destiny for you.

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If a newborn baby comes to a Hindu person's house, it is customary to rub some oil on his head as a symbol of anointing. After a month the baby is presented to the sun as the sun is seen as a very important astrological phenomenon and a reflection of God. The naming ceremony is usually conducted before the baby is five weeks old. The aunt carries the baby and officially names her.

This is seen as a record of the birth.

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When the baby is first given cereal, there is a tradition whereby milk and rice pudding is made. The dish is symbolically fed to the child for the first time. Family and friends are invited to witness this event and a celebration is made of it. It is also customary as part of this ceremony to touch the baby's tongue with a teaspoon usually performed by an aunt.

After a year boys' hair are usually cut to cleanse the children of the dirty hair they had as a foetus. When contracted labourers came to this country, many lost contact with India. Many original traditions and cultural deeds were lost or became mixed-up and infiltrated with new ideas and ways within the multicultural South African population. A non-Hindu person need not worry about breaking any rules when visiting a Hindu household to wish parents or pregnant women well.

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