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10 Facts About the Gemini Zodiac Everyone Should Know. By. Elizabeth Zeus recognized the love and set them together in the stars for eternity. Gemini is.

Modern knowledge is based on the application of reason to what are called facts. What is seen is profoundly influenced by the mind that is seeing. And the mind thinks symbolically, whether it understands that or not. A scientific fact or theory may seem to be just that on paper. But if it is a significant fact or theory, then our mind does something else with it. That idea acquires power, it comes to stand for something.

Like what you're reading? Sign up for Lynn's free monthly Planetary Illuminations report. The twelve signs are named after the twelve constellations that we see the Sun travel through. But the twelve signs are nicely packaged into neat 30 degree segments, and in reality the constellations do not fit so neatly into that package.

Does astrology work in the southern hemisphere? - Astrological Musings

I disagree with Canadian born and raised Brian Clark about Capricorn. In Australia this is a high summer sign and manifests differently than in the mid to high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, where it is a cold winter sign.

Difference-- in North hemisphere & South hemisphere places.

Northern Hemisphere astrologers born in these latitudes have a lot of difficulty separating the seasonal manifestation of the signs from the signs themselves. Thanks for your comment, Alice — but I would argue with you on several points. Well, the Sun sign certainly colours the physical appearance to quite a degree, though the Ascendant, its duad and planetary aspects to the Ascendant have the major note. I used sun signs for examples because I originally wrote the article for a magazine, but the same process applies to the Ascendant.

For example, Capricorn rising tends to produce a big body with big hands and feet in the Southern Hemisphere.. I wrote the whole article to emphasis that point, with an illustration to explain why and how the standard zodiac will work throughout the whole world.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Does astrology work in the southern hemisphere? Dharmaruci explains it well: Modern knowledge is based on the application of reason to what are called facts. Please share your experiences in the comments! Enter your email address:. Share this article Related Posts. The objective with this piece is to explain how to look for these sections in your chart and garner additional information if there is a preponderance of planets contained in a quadrant or hemisphere.

Let's start with the horizon because this is where many people trip up from the onset. On the typical chart, the Ascendant the rising appears to our left. If we imagine that the chart is a round clock, the point is the Ascendant. The horizon starts at and extends straight across the face of the chart to the position. The point is the east where the Sun rises while the position is the west where the Sun sets. The east being the Ascendant rising while the west is the Descendant.

Hoping I have not lost you yet. Although my examples below use the natural wheel to demonstrate the sectors, the Ascendant could be any of the twelve signs and it is dependant upon the time of day that the individual was born. Now we are ready to scope out the hemispheres. When people look at the chart, they instinctively refer to the tenth house cusp as the northern hemisphere. The northern half of the chart is actually at the bottom.

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You see, as the Sun rises in the east, it would move through the twelfth, eleventh, tenth, ninth, etc. The northern hemisphere located at the bottom of the chart contains the fourth house the IC [Imum Coeli] or Nadir.

Not to confuse the issue, but imum coeli is Latin for the lower heavens and medium coeli is the middle heavens. So the Sun rises over the southern hemisphere through the middle heavens of the tenth house.

Astrology in polar regions and on the southern hemisphere

Daytime births will be revealed by the Sun's location in the seventh to twelfth houses. Nighttime births will have the Sun in the first through sixth houses. The Nadir and Midheaven divide the chart for the eastern and western hemispheres. Read the information at the bottom of this piece.

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Each hemisphere has its own influence on our charts. In a nutshell, the northern hemisphere is the introverted emphasis and the southern hemisphere is the extroverted. The eastern hemisphere is the individual's drive while the western hemisphere is the individual's push.

What you quickly notice is that the hemisphere encompasses the entire half of the chart six houses. For preponderance or emphasis in a hemisphere, the individual needs eight or more planets located in one hemisphere. The influence of that sector is likely to be a noticeable characteristic in that individual's life.